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This podcast explores experiences and ideas from first responders, healthcare workers, and folks across many walks of life. These include unique perspectives on topics related to emergency medicine, mental health, addictions, health, well-being, and human behaviour. 

The primary goals are to translate this experience to the general public, while training harm reduction workers and first responders on the frontlines in our communities. It also serves as a platform to share updates and useful information on these and related topics. This podcast does not condone any illegal activity. It operates as a platform for education, harm reduction, social activism, and open dialogue for ideas.

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Mar 24, 2019

Derek (Advanced Care Paramedic) and I discuss the topic of suicide and how to effectively provide suicide intervention. This includes talking about the stigma, the importance of building connection through listening, and how to have a conversation about suicide.  Suicide and Overdose are the leading causes of death in...

Mar 4, 2019

This episode features Derek Davis, an Advanced Care Paramedic who is hitting 15 years of experience in EMS. He takes us through several topics that all connect to mental & physical health and wellness.


Derek elaborates on the struggles he has faced as a paramedic and his journey to overcoming them; which many...